"The Joe Cross Juicer is amazing!" -  Charlie B.
It’s a great way to get nutrients into your body...” - Cody G.
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*The word ‘cold’ refers to insignificant heat transfer as a comparison to other types of juicers which utilize the same terminology.
It is not intended to suggest that the extracted juice is chilled by a chilling mechanism within the juicer. 

Featuring the revolutionary new...
  • Cold* Spin Technology extracts the vital micronutrients out of fresh fruits and vegetables using precision stainless steel blades and a high-grade Italian micromesh filter. 
  • Rotating at up to 10,000 revolutions per minute to separate the pulp from the nutrient-rich juice in seconds.    
  • The juice is then spun upward to a unique patent-pending elevated spout, dispensing the juice into an extra large 60-ounce pitcher, ready to drink!   
Juice the whole rainbow!

Juicing is not a diet – 

It’s a way to efficiently consume the nutrients through the juice from fruits and vegetables.

Juicing vs. Blending

See below for Lean Green Recipe
The Joe Cross Juicer with Cold Spin Technology™ extracts juice from fresh fruits and vegetables by separating the pulp from the nutrient-rich juice. The juice is then spun upward to a unique patent-pending Elevated Spout dispensing it into an extra-large 60-ounce pitcher. Both drinks followed the Lean Green recipe, with the same ratio of finished ingredients, with the exception of added water necessary for the blender. The extracted juice made from the Joe Cross Juicer is free of pulp, easier to drink and ounce for ounce has a higher concentration of some key micronutrients, when compared to the blended smoothie.

**60 Day Money Back Guarantee does not include reimbursement of the ($19.99) Shipping and Handling.